Talleres Ramos

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· Ramos talleres & maquinaria is a third generation company
more than 50 years of experience dedicated to manufacturing and
horticultural machinery repair.

· Our equipment is specially designed to treat from Orange, Onion,
Garlic,Potatoes, Melons, Chestnuts, Cherries, Tomatoes, celery, etc…

· We have a wide range of machinery to service all types of claims.

We promise to offer a serious deal, personal and professional

service to our customers, coupled to their demands concrete.

We also offer quality and good prices.

· Do not hesitate, contact us and request a quote.
The experience gives us the reason.

reparacion maquinaria agricola

· Since its inception in 1960, the company has evolved and generation

after generation have been coupled to the market requirements in

order to be competitive and to serve its customers quickly and efficiently.

· Today, Ramos Talleres & Maquinaria is dedicated to the creation and engineering of machinery for the  horticultural sector. We use our

extensive experience to find the best solutions to their mechanical approaches. From the simplest machine to the latest technologies in

our manufacturing processes. Our flexibility allows us to produce as customer needs. We have a wide range of machinery for post harvest treatment of fruit and vegetable sector.

Maquinas patatas
Ramos talleres & maquinaria
Parque Empresarial Carabona C/Bronze S/N Apdo. 249 12530 Burriana
(Castellón) SPAIN - Phone-Fax: + 34 964 51 26 43